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My name is Christopher Lee Garcia and first and foremost, I'm an artist. I’ve traveled through parts of Europe, the Middle East and all around the United States exploring countless art mediums in a variety of social environments. Though I've been experimenting creatively since I was a pup, I like to say that I'm "Midwest born and East Coast raised" as Virginia is where I truly came into my own as an artist. My strongest areas are in graphic design, photography, and illustration but I'm quite proficient in motion graphics, printmaking and other mixed mediums. 


Art is my life and thus everything that I lay my hands to in this field has a piece of my soul stitched to it. In my opinion, it is essential that good art and design be a hybrid of technical expertise and raw passion.  I love what I do thus I care about what I create. I continually strive to build upon my knowledge database and skill sets to keep my style fresh and innovative.  I also do my best to spread love, free thought, and creative beauty.

If you're a like minded freethinker, we should collaborate. If you itch to know more about who I am or what I do, ask away. If you want to commission me for creative work, please shoot me a message. 


Lastly, yet most of all, thank you for stopping by and supporting the arts and one mans quest to lead his life with the right half of his brain. 



Nikko - Sticker
Type Throwdown Semifinals - Ulrich
Kat - Sticker
ICT Bazaar 2013
Meghan - Sticker
Bombshelter Show 2013
Lauren - Sticker
Jon Ing - Bridge
Randy - Bumper Sticker
Lianna - Sticker
Paula - Button
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